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Rather than telling residents what they could have, the Old Vicarage gave them support to continue living the sort of lives they had been living and remain part of the local community for as long as it was possible.

In 2005 a second home, Rodney House, was bought.  It specialised in dementia care and allowed the owners to be sure that when residents had to move from the Old Vicarage because of dementia, they could be moved to a home with the same high standards.  In the same year a small company sending trained carers into people’s homes to help them continue to live in them with support was acquired, the Home Care Provider.  In 2007, the group was expanded further when the Cedars was bought on the retirement of the Munns family which had run it for over 20 years.

Now known as the Western Super-Care group, the owners’ priorities have not changed.  They are dedicated to care with kindness and respect through firm management and well trained staff.  The owners have now been joined by their two daughters who each manage one of the residential homes so the determination to maintain the same high standards of super-care is stronger than ever throughout the group.  All four family members continue to work daily within the group and residents and their families soon get to know them well and know they are always available to sort out any problem or help with any activity.
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