The Cedars Residential Home is a 28-bedroomed, comfortable home for the elderly. It is staffed round the clock with up to 8 on duty during the day and 2 through the night so assistance is always available.

The aim of The Cedars is to provide the highest standard of care and to make The Cedars as ‘home like’ as possible.

The home is full of fun and gives a great family atmosphere. We have the support from local doctors’ surgeries, the community nurses and other health professionals. Residents may request visits from their G.P. as necessary and these consultations would be in the privacy of their own room. We are able to offer accommodation to residents who are catheterised.

We are able to consider residents who need to be encouraged or persuaded to eat and we are able to cater for varied dietary needs, i.e. diabetics or coeliacs. We will support wherever is needed.

We are happy to offer accommodation to people with little notice,  We offer respite stays when a room is available. It is a great place to go on a seaside holiday . You will be able to go out to the Sea front taking in that great sea air.

The residents prefer to have an “open door” policy at The Cedars, that is to say they can come and go as they please and visitors are welcome at any time of the day. However, the Health and Social Care Act 2008 does recognise that there will be occasions when a resident may not wish to see a visitor and in this situation, we would respect their right.

Residents are given their own mail unopened, as soon as it arrives. If residents wish, they may have a telephone line put directly into their own room, which would be a private arrangement between the resident and British Telecom, and would be at the resident’s expense. Otherwise they can use the home’s telephone for incoming and outgoing calls.

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